National security requires energy security, Vets4Energy's Pennsylvania chairman says

March 16, 2016

Vets4Energy is steadfastly promoting energy independence for America, an issue U.S. military veterans are principally interested in for national security reasons, Tony Caldarelli, the state chairman of the Pennsylvania Vets4Energy chapter, said.

"When I went to Iraq in November 2004, there were a lot of good reasons to be involved in the Middle East and one of them was because we needed their energy," Caldarelli, a retired captain in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard (PAANG) who served as a logistics officer in the 463rd Engineer Combat Battalion in Iraq, said. "There still may be good reasons to be involved in the Middle East, but one of them is not because we need their energy."

Caldarelli, born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and now living in the western part of the state since his 2006 PAANG discharge, said he continues to serve his country as a Vets4Energy volunteer.


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