Grillers rejoice as U.S. shale boom sends propane to 13-year low

The fuel that will grill millions of hot dogs nationwide on the Fourth of July is giving energy producers heartburn.



Natural Gas Revolution: 'Stakes Are Too High To Fail'

If the United States is to see strong economic growth, the oomph will come from the increase in oil and natural gas production - ironic, given that this phenomenon has occurred on President Obama's watch, when the development of green energy has been touted as the great economic hope.



DEP greenlights Shell cracker plant

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued an air emissions permit for Royal Dutch Shell's proposed ethane cracker plant. The department also issued three other permits associated with the plant.



Carnival ahead of the curve with plan for natural-gas megaships

In a pioneering move for the ocean cruise industry, Carnival Corp. last week signed a deal to build four megaships that will be powered by liquefied natural gas.



PIOGA news release on Act 13 filing

The Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association (PIOGA) today filed legal action with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to enforce portions of the court's ruling on Act 13.



Build it and they will come

As Shell buys up property in Beaver County, some have cashed out, others are poised to cash in, and all are awaiting word on a petrochemical plant that may never materialize.



Pipeline Foes Prone to Exaggerate the Ease and Likelihood of Exporting LNG

If fuel from the Marcellus Shale, perhaps the largest known source of natural gas in the world, is one day shipped through pipelines in Massachusetts and exported as liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe or elsewhere, should you care?



New manufacturing plant could bring 100 jobs to Canonsburg

Officials on Thursday ceremonially opened a jointly occupied facility that may eventually bring more than 100 energy-related jobs to Washington County.



Fossil fuel protestors try to disrupt Natural Gas Roundtable event

Fossil fuel protestors tried to disrupt a June 18 Natural Gas Roundtable (NGR) luncheon on Capitol Hill where four US House members were describing efforts to develop energy legislation that Congress would pass and US President Barack Obama would sign into law.



Delco chamber helps create Marcellus Shale coalition

The president of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with other chamber and union members to create a coalition that will advocate to advance the economic benefits of the Marcellus Shale.