Erie company pays $250,000 fine for Marcellus Shale violations

An Erie company has paid a $250,000 fine for multiple violations of the Clean Streams Law and Department of Environmental Protection regulations while doing Marcellus Shale natural gas pipeline work in Lycoming County.



Gas industry remedies 'brain drain' in Western Pennsylvania

A Crawford County native is an example of what experts believe is the natural gas industry's gradual reversal of the region's decades-old "brain drain," the mass exodus of young, educated workers to other states because there were no local jobs for them. Then came the Marcellus shale boom.



Schools preparing students for jobs in gas and oil industry

The job opportunities popping up throughout western Pennsylvania because of Marcellus shale have been compared by some to the regionís steel industry in its heyday, before cheaper imported steel drove thousands of workers from the mills.



Range Resources aims to lease majority of Claysville

If all goes according to plan, 90 percent of Claysville Borough will soon be leased for natural gas extraction, and Claysville Volunteer Fire Department will get a new truck. It's a win-win situation, according to firefighters and Range Resources.



Balancing gas pipeline expansion, environmental unease a problem in Pa.

The pipes that energy companies need to move record amounts of natural gas from Pennsylvania shale to profitable markets run between 36 inches and 42 inches wide. The line companies must walk between the rush to build and trampling over communities in their path can be much narrower.



Organic farmers appeal approval of gas compressor station

The owners of an organic farm have appealed the township supervisors' decision last month to allow a natural gas compressor station in an agricultural district near their property.



County distributes $250,000 from Marcellus shale impact fee

This week, the Lawrence County Commissioners disbursed more than $250,000 in funds generated by the state's Marcellus shale impact fee.



Oil and gas jobs outnumbered steel jobs in Pennsylvania last year

Anybody who grew up in Western Pennsylvania, worked in a mill or rooted for a football team called the "Steelers" might find it hard to believe, but there are more people in Pennsylvania working in the oil and gas industry than there are in the steel industry.



County shares Marcellus Shale revenue

The Lawrence County commissioners are sharing $240,000 with 10 local agencies. The funds, available through the Marcellus Shale Act 13 Impact Fees, are collected through the Public Utility Commission from deep well drillers seeking natural gas.



Grants from well impact fees available

Crawford County will make almost $500,000 from unconventional gas well impact fees available this year to local governments, public authorities, 501(c)(3) nonprofit groups and area-wide agencies like housing, recreation or community development.